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Let's start sweet: The ¬Torta recipe!

Welcome to Photography and Recipes! I'm really glad you somehow found your way here!
Let me introduce myself: I'm a 23 year-old girl who loves to write, take pictures and cook! Unfortunately my line of work doesn't let me much time for this activities that I like so much. But whenever I have some free time I make sure I do one of them. Especially taking pictures! I just love the freedom that comes from being behind a camera.

I decided to start this blog with my favourite cake. It is called  ¬Torta. It is a triple chocolate cake. It has chocolate mousse, a white chocolate cream and brownies. What's not to like? Oh, and also it has a sweet from my country (Argentina) that is called Dulce de Leche. Don't worry, if you can't get it or you don't like it, you can use any marmalade that combines with the chocolate flavour instead of the dulce de leche.

The name of this cake is peculiar. The  ¬ is pronounced "not". You might wonder why on earth I called this cake like this. Well, the story goes as follows:

Less than two years ago I decided to bake a cake for my boyfriend's birthday. He is a white chocolate fan just like me and that's why I came up with the idea of making a cake with a base made of white chocolate brownies, a bit of dulce de leche, then a dark chocolate mousse layer and then a white chocolate cream layer. I am happy to say that he loved it. Since it didn't have a name, we just called it Torta (cake in Spanish). But we realized that regular brownies would taste better. Therefore I re-made the cake for another occasion but this time I inverted the cream layers and made the base of dark chocolate brownies. It was a HUGE success. Way yummier than the first one. We loved it and I decided to name it, but I didn't know how. And then my boyfriend who at the time was taking a course of logic at university had the logical idea of putting the logic sign  negative "¬" before the "Torta" since this cake is the negative form of the first cake. And thus, it was called ¬Torta!

It is not a difficult cake to make, but it takes effort and time. It is sometimes frustrating to wait until it is done, especially when you see all that chocolate that calls to be eaten!! But if you have a birthday party of a very especial occasion that calls for a proper dessert, this cake is the best! Believe me, your family will definitely thank you for the hours in the kitchen! Just give it a try! I hope you like it!!!

Here is the recipe:                                        I submitted this recipe to Tasty Kitchen. To view it there click here

1 whole Brownie Mix And The Ingredients Needed To Prepare Them (water/milk, Butter, Eggs)
100 grams Dulce De Leche Or Orange/strawberry Marmalade
300 grams White Chocolate
392 grams Condensed Milk
320 grams Cream Cheese
2 teaspoons Unflavored Gelatin
4 teaspoons Water
3 whole Eggs Beaten
150 grams Sugar
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder
100 grams Dark Chocolate
300 grams Butter

Preparation instructions:
  • For the brownies:
Preheat oven to 350F. Brownies can be made from scratch but to save time I use a mix.
Follow the instructions on the box to make the brownies. Combine the brownie mix with the additional ingredients specified on the package (typically water/milk, oil/butter, and eggs). Bake according to package instructions. Make sure you cook them in a Springform cake pan in a size that ensures you have a thin layer of brownies since this is only the base of the cake.
Once you take the brownies out of the oven, let them cool and spread dulce de leche (an Argentine sweet) or marmalade (maybe orange or strawberry marmalade). Keep them in the fridge while you make the next step.
  • For the White Chocolate Cream:
Melt the white chocolate and once melted, mix it with the condensed milk and cream cheese. Add the unflavoured jelly mix that has been dissolved in 4 teaspoons of water. Pour on top of the dulce de leche/marmalade covered brownie. Place this in the freezer for 2 hours or until firm enough to support another cream layer.
  • For Chocolate Mousse:
In a bain marie/double boiler, mix the eggs and the sugar until the eggs are heated. Add the cocoa powder and the chocolate and keep mixing until it all melts. Take the mix out of the bain marie, add the butter and mix. Pour on top of the white chocolate cream layer and place this in the freezer for 24 hours.

Now it is ready to be decorated as you like! Or just eat it!
If you make it, please come back here and let me know how it turned out!

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